How do you know if a bag is original?

In a world where fashion and luxury are intertwined, distinguishing an authentic branded bag from an imitation can be a challenge in itself. The proliferation of fakes and replicas on the market has made the search for an original bag a real odyssey.

Every year, thousands of consumers are faced with the uncertainty of whether they are buying a true couture piece or just a well-made copy. However, there are guidelines and techniques that will help you discover whether the bag in your hands is really an exclusive and legitimate piece of the brand in question. Learning to recognise the hallmarks of an authentic bag will not only allow you to invest in a piece of lasting value, but will also give you the confidence of knowing that you are purchasing a genuine and exclusive item.

How to identify an original branded bag?

Recognising a genuine high-end handbag among the imitations can be a challenging task for consumers. Not to worry, however, as there are guidelines you can follow to ensure a safe purchase.

First and foremost, it is essential to purchase handbags from reputable brands and reliable sources, such as official brand shops or authorised websites. It is essential to have a thorough knowledge of the brand in question, including its logo, characteristic patterns and the materials used in its designs.

In addition, you should pay close attention to the quality of the bag’s construction and stitching. Original branded bags usually stand out for their clean and meticulously crafted stitching. Don’t neglect details such as rivets, fasteners and zips, which should be perfectly placed and of high quality.

One of the most important tips is to look carefully for any significant differences that are inconsistent with the design and quality of the genuine piece. Attention to detail is crucial in discerning between a counterfeit and a genuine branded bag.


The finishes of a luxury bag are synonymous with perfection and quality. These include premium materials, precise stitching and personalised details that reflect the brand’s exceptional craftsmanship. Every element, from hardware to lining, is carefully selected to create a work of art in the form of a bag.


They are often distinguished by the choice of the highest quality materials, leather being one of the most appreciated. Luxury leather not only adds elegance and durability, but also improves over time, making the bag a timeless investment.


Luxury handbag numbering refers to the serial codes or unique identification numbers that many brands use to authenticate their products. These numbers allow the authenticity and origin of the bag to be traced, providing buyers with additional assurance of its legitimacy.


These bags are created to last over time, becoming investment pieces that transcend ephemeral trends. Always based on materials, craftsmanship and attention to detail.


The price is often considerably high, reflecting the quality of the materials, craftsmanship and prestige of the brand. However, they could be considered as a legacy that transcends from generation to generation.

How do I know if a bag is from Dorantes Harness?

At Dorantes Harness, we pride ourselves on working with the most exquisite, high quality leathers, employing rigorous vegetable tanning processes and maintaining limited production. This is reflected in the unique numbering of our bags, adding immeasurable value to each piece. It is important to note that our website and our shop in Seville, located in the emblematic premises of the Casa de la Moneda, are the only reliable destinations where you can purchase an authentic and exclusive Dorantes piece.

Numbering Park Drag Bag

Some of our unique leather bags

Our leather bags are synonymous with authenticity and elegance whatever the occasion. Some of our most exclusive pieces are numbered, forming part of a limited series that gives each bag an exceptional character. This numbering is composed of the year of manufacture of the piece and the number of bags produced before it, giving each piece an unequalled touch of exclusivity.

Tonneau Bag

This Dorantes Harness design integrates the exciting geometric print of a carriage ground. It is the perfect companion for the urban woman on the move.

Park Drag Bag

The story of this bag is inspired by the floor of a Park Drag carriage, hence the name. The openwork design and shape create a stunning visual effect. The perfect accessory for those who want to highlight their elegance and refinement on any occasion. Whether for a business meeting or an informal outing.