Restoration and preservation

restauración y conservación del cuero Dorantes Harnessrestauración y conservación del cuero Dorantes Harness

The perfect mix of handcrafted and modern restoration and conservation techniques to restore and restore the original value of all kinds of leather objects.


Restoration and preservation department

Whether it is a conservation or a partial, integral and / or functional restoration, our restoration and conservation department is at your disposal for any questions

All our works are always followed by the corresponding documentation, indicating the state in which the piece was before its intervention together with all the actions carried out and the relevant information related to its historical and material period

Preservation projects

In our projects we always set the main objective to be the preventive conservation of the pieces through processes that allow stabilizing the state of horse carriages, horse accessories and other leather pieces, seeking to restore the functional character they require

Restauration projects

Always using principles of STABILIZATION, CONSERVATION AND PROTECTION, processes of maximum REVERSIVILITY are applied from the first moment to reduce, as far as possible, the causes of intrinsic and extrinsic origin that affect the piece, taking into account the conditions of the environmental context and functional, either from the physical point of view, or from its ordinary maintenance