The bold search for exclusivity is the source of inspiration for Dorantes Harness, with leather always the main protagonist.

The dream of the Dorantes firm Watch video

In 1994, near the center of Lebrija and surrounded by the hose's world, Dorantes Harness firm was born in a discreet workshop with high ceilings, large windows and colourful mosaic, taking an 800-meter old house that belonged to the owner's grandparents

Restoration and conservation

Our duty as restorers and artisans is to preserve heritage assets, either for private collections or for the most prestigious institutions and / or museums, where we should all be involved in their restoration and conservation, because it is part of the Artistic and Cultural Heritage and thus leave a historical legacy for generations to come

Workshop and customized services

From our workshops are committed to sensations and emotions that represent the taste for time, quality, and the most sophisticated elegance. From a bridle or fitting to the most luxurious selection of leather bags, belts and wallets, each piece is a tribute to craftsmanship and quality

Knowing our leather is knowing the history of a sustainable production process that uses only artisanal methods of vegetable tanning

We seek to reduce our footprint on the environment to achieve the balance between economic well-being, natural resources and society