Respect for the environment and biodiversity is always present in each of our projects

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Reducing our footprint on the environment

All our activities are focused on reducing its footprint on the environment with a clear desire to help in the reconciliation between economic well-being, natural resources, and society in general through the use of our values inherited from artisans with a broad sense of responsibility, search for authenticity and respect for time and resources from nature

A smaller environmental footprint of raw materials, a correct traceability of the origin of the materials and the desire to share with our customers our commitment to environmental sustainability, are clear objectives always present in our workshops

Sustainable development

We work tirelessly to share with our customers the desire to properly care for their items so that they last longer. Our artisans offer all kinds of information on organic consumption around our products so that our customers consider the environmental implications of the use of our creations

Seven millennia since its invention.