Our leathers come exclusively from sustainable processes, following a rigorous selection process. We only use artisan methods of vegetable tanning to obtain leathers destined to last over time

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Tradition, innovation, naturalness and beauty

An origin that arises from the slow transformation of raw hides into wooden drums using only natural tannins. An incredible process that with the slow passage of time gives rise to a material born to be the most natural and the friendliest to the environment

Only through true vegetable tanning can we give leather its unique characteristics. A raw material that contains all the characteristics that our artisans look for: comfort, versatility, style, tradition and authentic exclusivity

Above all, our leather inherits the artisan tradition of our country of origin. A land that has always been an inexhaustible source of craftsmanship, manual skills, and passion for vegetable tanned leather with all the essential innovation to grow in a global market but always keeping in mind the tradition that guarantees the quality of its origin