7 Tips for caring for your leather bag

The elegance and distinction of a leather bag is undeniable, making it more than just an accessory, but an extension of your style and personality. However, to preserve its charm and quality over time, it is essential to take proper care of it.

In this article, we present seven essential tips to keep your leather bag in impeccable condition, from the accumulated experience of Dorantes Harness, experts with decades of experience in the treatment and preservation of leather goods. From how to store it to the specific products you can use, you’ll discover how to pamper your bag to ensure not only its durability but also its shine and softness.

Always keep your bag with padding

When storing your bag, make sure to keep its shape by using padding. This prevents it from warping over time and helps preserve its original structure.

Use a cover to protect it

Protect your bag from external damage by using a bag cover when not in use. This will protect it from scratches, dust and other elements that may affect its appearance.

Keep your bag hydrated

Moisturising is key for leather. Regularly apply leather-specific products to keep leather soft and prevent it from drying out, especially in dry climates.

Never place objects on top

Avoid placing heavy objects on your bag, as this may cause deformities or permanent marks on the leather.

Keep it away from oils and alcohol

Harsh chemicals can damage the surface of your bag. Keep it away from oils and alcohol to preserve its original shine and colour.

Brush your bag

Use a soft brush to remove dust and surface dirt. This will help keep the leather clean and in good condition.

Don’t overdo it with the weight

Avoid carrying excess weight in your bag, as this can cause unnecessary stress on seams and handles.

Recommendations for the care of a leather bag

To keep leather bags in optimal condition, it is recommended to clean them regularly with a damp cloth and neutral soap, taking care with hazelnut skins to avoid darkening. It is crucial to dry them properly to avoid damage. Protecting accessories from moisture and direct sunlight helps prevent discolouration and cracking of the leather.

In addition, it is advisable to apply “Saphir Colourless Luxury Skin Cream” monthly with a sponge, using circular movements until it is completely absorbed. Direct contact with water and exposure to extreme heat should be avoided, as both can cause damage to the skin. Following this basic care will prolong the life of your leather accessories, keeping them in good condition for years to come.

How to properly moisturise a leather or fur bag

Proper hydration of a leather bag is essential to preserve its beauty and durability over time. In this process, initial cleaning is essential, using a soft cloth to remove any surface dirt.

Choosing the right product also plays a crucial role; at Dorantes Harness, we offer specific conditioners designed to nourish and protect various skin types. Even application of the conditioner, paying attention to areas prone to dryness, followed by a period of time to allow it to absorb, ensures optimal results. Finally, removing any excess product completes the process, leaving the bag with balanced hydration and a rejuvenated appearance.

Products you can use for leather care

At Dorantes Harness, we are proud to present an extensive and specialised selection of meticulously designed leather care products. Our range extends from gentle cleaners to high quality conditioners, all created with the premise of providing exceptional care for your leather goods.

As you browse our catalogue, you’ll discover a diversity of options designed to meet your bag’s specific needs, each product backed by decades of experience and dedication to the treatment of leather goods. Whether you’re looking to enhance shine, maintain softness or protect against the elements, at Dorantes Harness you’ll find the perfect solution to keep your bag looking its best and gleaming, reflecting the excellence that only our products can deliver.

With us, caring for your leather bag becomes a quality experience backed by tradition and expertise.