Francisco Dorantes, representing DHD DORANTES, has been included in the Homo Faber Guide to Master Craftsmen.

Homo Faber Guide is a flagship project developed by the Michelangelo Foundation for Creativity and Craftsmanship, an international non-profit organisation based in Geneva (Switzerland), which was created in 2016 thanks to the intuition of Franco Cologni and Johann Rupert. The Michelangelo Foundation’s mission is to celebrate and preserve artisanal mastery, and has therefore created a European map of the most significant representatives in this field, with the aim of connecting all its protagonists: artisans, designers, gallerists, art curators, collectors and enthusiasts of high-quality handmade pieces.

Our inclusion, after a rigorous and meticulous selection process, has taken into account the artisan tradition maintained in each of our works, the excellence of our own shared values and the commitment to maintain objects belonging to our Artistic and Cultural Heritage in order to leave a historical legacy for future generations.

Thanks to this recognition, the whole Dorantes Harness team feels that our work is valued in a framework of European visibility that opens the doors to make our pieces and the way we create them known to travellers who wish to visit us and get to know our artisan universe.