DHD Selected for the guide of the Contemporary Association of Arts and Crafts

DHD DORANTES has been selected to appear in the guide of excellence of the portal espanaartesana.com belonging to the Contemporary Association of Arts and Crafts.

This Association, of state character and with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Sport, aims to promote and disseminate the most valuable dimensions associated with traditional and contemporary crafts in Spain, both cultural and artistic, historical, academic, environmental, labour, tourism and economic, as well as the preservation of the trades linked to craft creation.


The association also aims to contribute to improving the creative conditions of artisans and to generate opportunities to market and disseminate their work in Spain and the rest of the world.

The entire Dorantes Harness team shares the commitment of this association to provide lovers of beauty and authenticity with access to the many excellent workshops that exist in Spain, to all those artisans who, with their hands, with their trained and skilful gestures, with their knowledge and creativity, are capable of transforming materials to create objects of great quality and human value.