The story of our brand

From the man to the brand, Dorantes has evolved over the years through an exciting journey full of interesting nuances until defining the current logo that represents the Dorantes house.

The story of how and why brand images have evolved often get lost in a drawer at home, and thus there is a risk we may lose part of our story and, as a result, of our own spirit.

This is why we recently launched an internal project to start searching through our records, in order to identify the different steps of the creation process of our brand image, from our very beginning at the small workshop on the street Corredera in Lebrija (at the forefront of saddlery) until we created our own brand DHD, inspired not only by the past, but also by a future full of new ideas.

We want to compile the documents to chronologically and thoroughly present the values that laid the foundations for the development of our brand, through which we intend to convey our commitment to beauty, accuracy and environmental protection, while remaining focused on a sustainable economy.

We want our brand image to reflect our search for the most traditional techniques, while also making an impression using new bolder creations.