Dorantes Harness: a sustainable brand

It is not only saddlery and accessories, Dorantes Harness seeks excellence in all current projects, always from a vision that seeks sustainability and to be a high-end sustainable brand. Above all, because all activities reduce the carbon footprint in the environment, through values inherited from artisans with a clear responsibility to society and natural resources.

What is a sustainable brand?

In order to understand how Dorantes Harness works with sustainability, we must emphasise what a sustainable brand is. Ultimately, a brand that pursues sustainability processes is one that is committed to working towards a positive impact on the environment, the economy in the long term and society.

A sustainable brand not only aims to sell products, but also to balance current and future needs, to ensure a good use of natural resources. Some of the characteristics attributed to a sustainable brand are the following:

– Environmental responsibility: minimising the ecological footprint as far as possible by using natural resources and renewable energy sources. In addition to the adoption of nature-friendly production practices.

– Social responsibility: maintaining a high level of professionalism and fairness towards all employees, suppliers and local communities.

– Transparency: Sustainable brands often adopt ethical principles in their supply chain, such as transparency in the sourcing of their materials and products, and the elimination of unfair or exploitative business practices.

– Sustainable innovation: continuous search for all kinds of sustainable processes to be able to produce products with the best technology and of the highest quality.

Benefits of a sustainable shop

The benefits of being a sustainable shop involve working from an ethical and environmental perspective, but without forgetting a fundamental pillar: the commercial side. Here are some of the key benefits of being a sustainable brand:

– Reputation with great improvements: the consumer will always value positively a company with sustainable values and that strives for ethical processes. It also, of course, improves the brand image in the eyes of potential new customers.

– Attracting new customers: attracting a customer segment that cares about the environment and social responsibility.

– Innovation and differentiation: Seeking sustainable solutions often encourages product and process innovation, which can differentiate you from the competition and keep your business at the forefront in a changing world.

– Resilience as a sustainable brand: they can help your shop better cope with extreme weather events, supply chain disruptions and other challenges related to climate change and sustainability.

Becoming a sustainable shop is not only good for the planet and society, it is also a sound business strategy that can help you attract customers, reduce costs and strengthen your reputation.

Why trust Dorantes Harness as a sustainable fashion brand?

Dorantes Harness represents more than just leather; it embodies genuine commitment to sustainability. Our hides are sourced exclusively from sustainable, carefully selected processes. We use artisanal vegetable tanning methods to create hides that are destined to last.

Natural air-drying of skins

It is only through genuine vegetable tanning that we are able to give leather its unique attributes. This valuable resource is the embodiment of the characteristics that our craftsmen tirelessly seek: comfort, versatility, style, tradition and true exclusivity.

However, our leathers also honour the rich artisanal tradition of our homeland. This land has always been an inexhaustible source of craftsmanship, manual skills and a deep passion for vegetable tanned leather. We do so with the essence of innovation needed to stand out in a global market, yet we never forget the tradition that ensures the quality of our heritage.