Sustainable development

Did you know about our commitment to sustainable development?

At Dorantes DHD we share and support the Sustainable Development Goals defined by the United Nations. That is why we are focused on reducing the ecological footprint of all our activities, as we are firmly committed to helping reconcile economic welfare, natural resources and society in general. We do so by using the values we have inherited from craftsmen with a broad sense of responsibility, while searching for authenticity and respecting time and natural resources.

We encourage you to join us and participate in this project by incorporating these goals in your everyday activities. You can do so by using the tools the UN has prepared for work, school or university.

For instance, you can prepare a recycling project, have a bike to work day, or arrange something that has an impact on your community, such as teaching children how important it is to take action to fight climate change. There are over 170 ideas that you can check in the brochure ‘170 Daily Actions to Transform the World’!

More than 170 ideas that you can consult in 170 Actions to transform the world!